Second Statement of the Alliance of Ipereg Ayu Movement Organizations

Jacareacanga, Pará, Brazil – June 9, 2021

We continue to be attacked. Public services meant to defend our rights do not work. Jacareacanga is a lawless city.

Our chiefs need to be respected in their decisions. Bandits cannot be more sovereign than Munduruku Chiefs.

We want to denounce what we are experiencing, and we plan to go to Brasília to condemn all the threats we are experiencing. But we’re unable to leave. Our chiefs are imprisoned in this city.

On the morning of June 9 in the municipality of Jacareacanga, the bus that was going to pick up our delegation from the Upper Tapajós to take us to Brasília was attacked. They punctured its tires and threatened the driver. They said that if he did not leave the city, the bus would be burned. There was no one on the bus.

Our entourage from the Upper Tapajós is now prohibited from continuing on our journey.

We hold the Brazilian state responsible if something terrible happens here. They didn’t protect us in a situation of unyielding threat, they didn’t provide police reinforcements in the municipality of Jacareacanga. There has never been any protection in the city, and we continue to be attacked, even when collaborating with police and seeking support.

We want to continue our trip, to speak with the ministers and denounce what we are facing here. We are in a large group of our Ipereg Ayu resistance movement, suffering threats all around Jacareacanga. We know they are armed and we are not.

We are informing everyone about what we are experiencing so that they can help us.

– Tr. Jeremy M. Campbell, June 10, 2021

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